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A Word to Parent

  • Parents must always carry Parent ID Card issued while entering the school premises.
  • The loss of ID card must be reported to the school immediately to get new one issued by school authority.
  • Without ID card school security guard will not allow entry or entertain any queries.
  • Ensure that your ward reaches on time regularly.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper school dress.
  • Mention the child’s full name, admission no. class and sec in all correspondence with the school.
  • Kindly intimate the school in case of any changes in your address telephone no. & email.
  • Instruct your ward to report to the class teacher or school reception in case of any issue.
  • Entering the class rooms or meeting the child during the school hours is not permitted.
  • Only the parents of the students are permitted to communicate with the school staff.
  • Encourage the child’s interest in the various activities taking place in the school.
  • School fee and other dues must be paid by the stipulated date in each quarter.
  • Parents are requested to watch closely their ward’s progress in academics and train them accordingly.
  • Read the contents of school almanac carefully and abide by rules laid down by the school.
  • Parents are asked to attend PTM meetings to know their child’s progress in academics & help in improving.
  • Ensure that the child does not bring expensive articles to school.
  • Acknowledge & sign the remarks from Teachers/Incharge and authority and note to parents pages given in almanac and progress report card.
  • Co-operate with school authorities in enforcing regularity & discipline.
    Parents should be polite & decent with school guards, teachers and staff because your child being your minor image will imbibe the same attitude & manners.
  • Parents continuous guidance is required to mould their ward in a better way.
  • Parent should not request or argue with any school personnel for the relaxation in rules laid down by the school for the betterment of your ward.
  • If parents need a certificate from the school with respect to their child, please send the application duly signed, specifying the purpose for which it is required.
  • Always send a leave application in advance to get the benefit of attendance. Leave application after 8:30 am or postdated application is marked as absent only and not counted in leave for the day.
  • Half day leave will not be permitted to any child. However, in case of sickness or an emergency the child will be allowed to go home with proper permission.
  • Long absence without permission shall run the risk of student’s name being struck off the rolls. Re-admission shall not be automatic; it will depend on vacancy of seat with re-admission fee.
  • Parents should educate their child to wait & don’t leave the school premises till parents/guardians come & collect them (If you collect him personally from the school).
  • Parents should educate their ward about the rules of transport while plying, boarding the bus or commuting from their home to bus stop & back to their home.

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