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Primary (Nursery to Vth)

Our MCIS primary classes are the base classes. We ensure that our Primary student’s base is so strong that they are well prepared to learn new concept and excel in senior classes. 

Our aim is to provide loving and caring atmosphere to the students, so we have taken care to appoint highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers. 

We believe in interactive teaching, that's why smart boards are being used in the primary classes. Smart Board enables the students to learn with audio visual aids. 

Apart from Academics, there are many activities for the students like abacus to strengthen their mathematical abilities, General Knowledge to create more awareness, Art and Craft for encouraging creativity, Computer Knowledge for importing latest technology, sports to boost good health, library to inculcate reading habit. 

There is a well-equipped Computer lab. Where students are given first-hand experience on how to use and work on computers. 

A well-equipped Music room and trained teachers to give basic knowledge about Music and Nurture the young talent. 

We also have many activities throughout the year to make children learn new concept, to make them more creating to help develop their natural abilities and to teach them sportsmanship and competitive spirit. 

We celebrate many religions and all the national festival in the school so that students learn to respect every religion and also learn patriotism. Our aim is the overall development of the students.

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