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The school will achieve 100% literacy in the nearby community, utilizing school resources by 2022, creating a literacy team , theater, and advocacy groups in the school with teachers, students, school alumni and school management committee members. To establish a partnership of home, school and community; where each student is provided equal and diverse learning opportunities; through a progressive, child-centered, innovative curriculum; in a safe, secular, nurturing and enriching environment; that inspires individuals to achieve their potential; and imbibe a value system that enables them to become empowered, responsible, creative members of the community; with a positive outlook to life and change.


For us at the MCIS School, education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge and skills required to prepare one for life. Rather it is the entire process of living and engaging with life, of experiencing its uniqueness, diversity and inter-connectedness, of being moved by beauty, of asking thought-provoking questions, of the search for answers and the fearless urge to bring about change when required.

While academic excellence is absolutely necessary, we believe that a complete education should include more than that. Surely, it should be a process in which both the teacher and the taught explore not only the outer world, but also their own thinking and behavior and learn to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

Providing our children with an education of such meaning and value however implies that we must rise to the challenge of designing for them a truly holistic learning process imbued with the very same diversity, wholeness and authenticity of life itself. For a child's desire to learn, we know is innate and limitless. The only boundary then, is a lack of suitable opportunity.

It is the recognition of this imperative that has inspired our team to open up the doors of the traditionally isolated school site and pioneer the warm, open and inviting space of a community school.

A school where…

…children are encouraged to grow without fear by building relationships of strength and support with their friends and peers, rather than being forcibly pitted against them.

…the home, school and community environments are closely knit together to help each child feel safe, special and secure.

…teachers work not alone, but reach out and actively partner with parents, family members, storytellers, artistes and nutritionists.

…there is never only one way to learn and open doors bring learning opportunities that are varied and rich.

…learning never comes to an end and each living moment is an exciting opportunity to learn.

A school that is not just a school, but a nurturing community of life-long learners who live and learn together, seeking strength and support, with and from each other.

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