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“Our true wealth is not pieces of gold and Silver but a healthy mind in an equally healthy body.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

In the present scenario, where life is full of unplanned activities, people have forgotten the importance of well-being. Hence, introduction of Health clubs in tune with present life style is a welcome concept. Health club is an association of students in school for taking care of everything that goes in to prescribing ways and activities for students to possess good overall health (Mental, Physical, Emotional and Social). Good Health is defined as complete coordination of body, mind and soul. Some Activities of health club for promoting hygienic environment in school are:-

  • Awareness drives in which students are sensitized toward cleanliness.
  • Encourage the students for 3R (Reuse, Recycle & Regenerate).
  • Ban plastic products in schools.
  • Give knowledge about proper sanitation and hygiene.

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