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Physics Lab

Experimentation is an unending process which is quite vital for the development of any kind of Science, Physics is no exception. From a careful study of history of progress of Science we conclude that an experiment is the basic foundation for the development and growth of Science. The main aim of experimentation in science is to verify a given law which has already been derived from a theory. While doing an experiment with open eyes and attentive mind, new discoveries have been made during experimentation. Physcis is an experimental Science. A clear understanding of it's principles can be made by demonstrating the experiments by ones own hands.

We at MCIS have a spacious, well lit and well ventilated lab which provides a conductive atmosphere for the budding scientists in their journey of exploration and observation. In addition to regular CBSE work, other projects, innovative models are also worked upon in keeping with giving the practical shape to theoretical teaching.

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